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Mobile Apps have created a fantastic opportunity for golf courses to market and promote their facilities. Sky Cam Productions in partnership with                              have launched a program whereby courses can promote their course and facilities on a dynamic mobile application. We have developed templates for both iPhone and Android applications that combine your existing yardage guide and/or flyovers along with additional course information, tee time booking, notifications, event scoring, social media, food & beverage, promotions and much more, all into one mobile application. Explore this page to see all the features of our dynamic mobile app.

GPS Enabled Yardage Guide


Includes a GPS Enabled Yardage Guide where users can view a 3D graphic and flyover of each hole and get precise yardage to the green from wherever they may be on the course. Users can also zoom in on the graphic to view more detail and an easy to use swipe functionality takes them to the next hole.


Animated 3D Flyovers


Our mobile apps can also include animated flyovers. Users simply rotate the phone while viewing the yardage guide and the flyover begins to play. Flyovers allow users to visualise the hole and gain an appreciation of the golf features and the terrain. Click the play button on the left to view a sample flyover.


Tee Time Booking


Our mobile apps can also integrate with your online tee time booking facility. Users can book tee times as they would online directly from the app. Golf clubs that do not have an online tee time provider can supply a phone number for users to call directly from the mobile app.


Leaderboard and Live Scoring


The mobile app supports both live scoring and leaderboards. Courses can easily set up an event and golfers can enter scores as they play directly from the app. The app supports formats such as Match play, Stroke play, Stableford and Skins. Multi-round events can also be scored and the app supports real-time alerts, messages and sponsored ads. Leaderboards can be viewed within the app and shared online or displayed on a screen in the clubhouse. Golfers can also utilise the app to score up to five players in a standard round.


Food & Beverages


The mobile app also includes a Food & Drinks Menu which allows golf club administrators to quickly and simply add and delete items, update price lists, and alter descriptions from one easy to use website.


Promotional Items


The mobile app connection suite includes a Promotional Items area which gives golf club administrators the opportunity to add and delete items, update prices, and alter descriptions from one easy to use online interface.




The mobile app also includes an easy to use Event Manager which allows golf club administrators to add, update and delete events, and amend event descriptions and accompanying dates from one easy to use website.


Local Weather


The mobile app also includes a local weather forecast for users to view current weather conditions as well as forecasts for the coming days. Temperatures can be displayed in either Celcius or Fahrenheit.


Photo Gallery


The mobile app also includes a Photo Gallery that allows users and golfers to take pictures and share with their contacts via email, Facebook and Twitter.


Push Notifications


The mobile apps connection suite also includes Push Notifications. Golf club administrators can quickly and easily send push notifications to all app users. Notifications can include timely announcements on events, offers, promotions and any message they wish to send to their members and users.


Contact & Social Media


The mobile app makes it very easy for users to make contact via email and phone, visit the clubs main website and browse Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.


Location & Directions


The mobile app includes location and direction information making it very easy for users to view the location of the golf club and find directions from their location.


Course Information


The mobile apps also include a golf club information page for users to discover facts and essential information about the golf club and its accompanying facilities.


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